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With parties, festive drinks and lots and lots of unhealthy Christmas treats our skin doesn’t always look in tip top condition so, to get that sparkle back for the new year, we decided to try and test the best DIY treatments that have been recommended to us by make up artists and beautician friends. The best bit is that you can do them all in the comfort of your own home in front of the TV. 

By Petro
Laura Loves

This Works Sleep Pillow Spray £25  Technically not a beauty treatment but isn’t a good night’s sleep the best beauty trick of them all? This new and improved formula (I loved the original too) definitely works, I had a deeper night’s sleep and was more relaxed in the morning.

Bliss Softening Socks £39  The special polymer gel lining inside these socks makes your feet feel instantly smoother. Slip on for 20 minutes stints while you catch up on some reading and follow with your favourite foot cream. I love the ritual of it- and that it forces me to put my feet up for some me time!

Petro Loves

Star Skin Treatment Masks £8.50 If you have seen celebrities on Instagram wearing paper masks on flights it is probably these. Each mask contains an entire bottle of formula, it’s the best DIY quick fix facial. Save it for special occasions or when you skin just needs a really good pamper especially after the Christmas period. 

Janina Ultra White £19.99 My first tooth whitening treatment. I have managed to use it twice so far and am excited by the results. I also haven’t noticed much sensitivity. Don’t get scared after you first use it as it can look patchy, but it looks infinitely better after the second application and takes about an hour to settle.

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This Works £25 Net-a-porter

Bliss £39 ASOS

Starskin £8.50 Selfridges

Janina Ultra White £19.99

Starskin £8.50 Selfridges

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