Chloé’s Faye is the first bag I bought myself after going freelance. It was the first time I could afford to buy myself a designer handbag without it being second-hand or discounted, and it was a symbol of all the hard work I’d put into building my business. There is a Gluckschwein (lucky pig) in the pocket, a gift from my father.


I’m definitely not a flats girl. When I was younger I would totter in 120mm heels all day long and my click, click walk was a signature. I now go for a mid-heel during the day, but I would never be seen dead after 6pm in a pair of flats. Mostly because I can’t see over the bar.


I only wear red nail polish. I get a lot of Shellac – in winter it’s CND’s Decadence, a deep, winey red, but for summer it’s Hollywood red all the way – it looks the best with a tan and goes with everything.


I have strong features so I really have to try a lot of frames on to get ones that suit – generally they are big, black and expensive. But it’s fun to mix it up now and then.

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Chloe £1370

Nails Inc £10

Christian Louboutin £470

Celine £229

Etre Cecile £60

Ray-Ban £107.20

J. Brand £88

Asceno £180

Levi's £50

Solace London £390

Anissa Kermiche £1505

Dodo Bar Or £200

Mango £89.99

Macgraw £295

Solid & Striped £140

Anissa Kermiche £360

Mulberry £995

Gul Hurgel £535

Yosuzi £436

Rimmel £5.29

By Terry £29

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