I can’t recommend enough having lots and lots of hanging space, if I had had more space, I would have pretty much hung everything bar jumpers. This dresses section that I swap over seasonally from summer to winter. I suggest measuring your longest dress to make sure nothing hangs too much on the bottom.


Despite having almost 20sqmeters of fitted wardrobes, I didn’t have enough shelving space so I bought a huge Ikea chest of drawers to which I swapped the handles with gorgeous leather grey handles. Every drawer has a specific set of items: lingerie, tights and socks, T-shirts, night wear and all my jumpers are neatly folded and split by colour.


I arrange all my dresses by colour – it’s a habit I’ve taken from styling shoots for magazines. I find it easier to find items by colour than kind as I’m most likely to think: “I’m going to wear my Miu Miu red lace dress tonight” than anything else.


One of my most precious items: my Jil Sander neon maxi skirt. It was a totally crazy buy but one I haven’t regretted and I’ve worn it on countless occasions, from Fashion Week to weddings and parties.

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