A delightfully scented wardrobe is just as important as its tidiness! A friend of mine gave me these vintage lavender sachets from Portobello market that I regularly spray with a rose scented room spray to keep everything smelling fresh. I also always place lavender scented moth repellent sheets in between my jumpers and hanging cages in my coat section to keep moths away.


I believe in a seasonal clothing swap over- not only does it create the opportunity for a trip to the dry cleaners and a clear out, but also it keeps things fresh and new. I store everything in Ikea boxes and label them as specifically as I can: city summer, beach summer, skiwear, thick knitwear– as well as keeping things organised, it also helps hugely when packing for a holiday.


Being able to see all your jewellery is key- I find that I don’t wear it otherwise. I found these brilliant jewellery trays from Stackers that you can stack one of top of each other. You can find different designs to suit each type of jewellery.


I’m a labeling freak- you can get these vintage inspired tags from Fenwick.

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