I live in a flat in London where space is premium so having a specific place for everything is the first rule I go by, and this pretty much goes for everything in my house. When I was conceiving my wardrobes I counted and measured everything in my closet and allocated a space for each set of things. I also have a loose ‘one in one out’ rule that helps with maintaining tidiness.


I’m constantly making mental notes on our ‘perfect Wardrobes’ shoots, as most of the women we’ve featured are the best source of wardrobe inspiration. This flat shoes drawer was an idea I took from Deborah Brett. Now my wardrobe sits on five large drawers that fit all of my everyday flat shoes.


My mother instilled in me that shoes should never sit inside the same wardrobe as your clothes claiming that shoes are ‘dirty and stinky’, so I’ve always liked to store them separately. I keep all my heels in their original boxes with a photo at the front with the ones I wear the most at eye level, whilst my flat shoes live in handy pull out drawers.


I’ve happily given up having a skirting board to have all my flat shoes in easily accessible drawers.

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