Sort all your coats and jackets on a small collapsible rail, check for stains and send those to the dry-cleaners and give all the rest a good brush and a steam to get rid of hairs. Remember to check all pockets and then place your clean items on a hanger inside hanging bags. Avoid plastic bags as they attract dust and dust attracts moths. Choose linen fabrics or breathable materials and don’t forget moth repellant when you’re storing woollens.


Store everything that you are unlikely to wear in the summer – be realistic and make sure you give some thought to things like skirts that you would only wear with tights or trousers that you would only wear with ankle boots. If you have a wardrobe that allows for hanging storage, it’s always best to keep skirts and trousers on hangers, but if not, store as flat as possible into breathable storage boxes.

5Winter accessories

Winter accessories are often neglected, but you need to care for them as with any other item in your wardrobe. Sort through your woollen hats and scarves at the same time you do your jumpers and add them to your piles of washing and dry-cleaning. Once clean, store them in a box or drawer all together. Wipe leather gloves with a specialised leather wipe and store anything ski-related in a separate box.


Apart from your winter boots, which are best stored away, it is often sufficient to swap places with your summer shoes to make them more reachable. However this is a good time to give your shoes some extra care: buy a polishing kit and give your leather shoes a good clean and your suede ones a spray before storing them in boxes or a closed cupboard. If anything needs re-heeling, now is the time.

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