Top Tips

  • If you’ve got a paler complexion, opt for either dark mustard yellows or very pale shades for the most flattering effect
  • With yellow separates try adding cornflower blue for a very on-trend look


Something we’ve rediscovered this season is our love for yellow. It can be an intimidating colour, mainly because it’s tricky to find the right shade for you and it feels a bit ‘look at me’. But you can’t go wrong with a touch of yellow, even for the wallflowers among us.

By Petro

Top Tips

  • You don’t have to wear it top-to-toe, why not try an accessory or earrings first
  • Although it is a very summery colour, layering it with black or navy can make it part of an autumnal outfit
  • If you’re a neutral lover be brave, yellow is a kinder shade than you might think
  • Try it for events or weddings it’s a brilliant celebratory colour