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Aurum & Grey

As with many of our Future ICONS brands, AURUM+GREY was inspired by the founder’s desire to pursue a passion. In this case, it was Talya Paskin’s passion for the majesty of jewellery and the experience of investing in pieces that will be cherished forever.

Her love was sparked by childhood summers spent in Tel Aviv. These trips would always end with a visit to a local jewellery shop, where she was allowed to study the artisan wares and buy one special piece that spoke to her – a talisman of the memories she had created with friends and family that year. It was this ability for beautiful pieces to carry such meaning that led her to pursue a career in fashion and, eventually, launch her own brand, designing fine jewellery to mark life moments and precious memories.

Part of the magic of her pieces is in the delicate way she customises them. Laura first fell in love with the brand when she invested in teeny ‘V’ and ‘G’ gold studs. They are the initials of her young daughters’ first names and remain the pieces of jewellery she wears most often. “Everything Talya makes feels both incredibly special and infinitely wearable, which, in my mind, really is the hallmark of a Future ICON and a forever piece,” says Laura.

The collaboration between Talya and Wardrobe ICONS is playful, wearable and beautiful at the same time, offering the same subtle customisation with the prettiest blue accents.

"Talya embodies the values we hold close to our hearts at Wardrobe ICONS, by thoughtfully designing pieces that you will always love wearing."

5 questions with Tayla Paskin

What is the most meaningful piece of jewellery you own?

My simple rose gold wedding band, and my original ‘L’ initial necklace, which represented me becoming a mother to my daughter, Livia. I later added an ‘A’ for my son Ari (in case he reads this one day. Ha!).

Where do you most love being in the world?

I would have answered this very differently a few years ago, but honestly, right now, it’s wherever my family is. That said, my heart always belongs in Israel. Nothing beats the vibe of Tel Aviv. It’s such a special place that always feels like home.

What sparks your creativity?

I’m a big fan of meditation and tapping into your intuition. I’ve grown to learn that you can’t force it, but when something comes to you, you just have to grab your notebook and go with the flow. I can get a spark from sourcing stones, great interiors or simply from a random colour combination on my desk.

Where do you find your inspiration when designing a collection?

Materials and moods. The minute I see some exciting new gemstones, I’m mentally creating a piece around them. Mood-wise, it’s about what we want to achieve by wearing that piece; our spring/summer mood is ‘Summer of Love’ – we’re willing on the celebration of happier times with colour and humour. We don’t really adopt a typical seasonal launch model – the design tends to be pieces that we would love to wear at that point in time (and for years to come).

What pieces of jewellery do you wear every day?

Our hashtag is #TheJewelsWeNeverTakeOff for a reason. If it wasn’t for our work shoots, I would barely change my jewellery! Usually, I’m wearing a signet ring, our Evil Eye bracelet (I’m superstitious like that), Skin bangle, an initial necklace and bracelet (with a combination of my children’s initials), a rainbow of birthstone studs in my ears, then a piece from our Bubble Bead collection, which sparks pure joy.