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  • Beach Body Ready

    There are a few rituals that come with getting our bodies ready for summer, and these don’t include juice dieting or extreme exercise, but simple beauty treatments. Petro and Laura each select two of their favourites that always prove effective for bikini season.

    Laura & Petro
    Petro Loves
    James Read Overnight Tan£35

    When it comes to increasing your body confidence on the beach, there is something to be said for a bit of colour. A little fake tan goes a long way to making those flabby bits feel and look a bit less wobbly. James Read simply does the best ones – either DIY, or if, like me, you struggle to get it even, visit their tanning studios, such as the one at Daniel Hersheson Harvey Nichols. It’s especially great for those tricky places like the middle of your back and the backs of your legs. It’s a good option too for those who want to fake it before a big event such as a wedding.

    Petro Loves
    Nailberry Groseille Nail Polish£14.50

    When it comes to summer holidays, a good pedicure should be as essential as the sandals your feet will be wearing. We always go to the Cowshed, for one of the best we’ve ever had. Choose the Ultimate Cowshed Pedicure if you have time and want to really luxuriate – it comes with a scalp massage while your feet are wrapped in a hydration mask. Handy tip: we always take our own nail vanishes with us – we tend to find brands such as Nailberry are more chip-resistant and come in better colours.

    Laura Loves
    REN Guerande Salt Exfoliating Body Balm£23

    I use body scrubs all year long, but I get more passionate about it before the summer. The benefits of scrubbing are obvious: getting rid of dead skin, preparing new cells to absorb the sun and avoiding peeling or flaking. I particularly love this scrub – because it comes in a huge pot you don’t feel you need to use sparingly, and you can use it on dry skin for an even more effective peel. It smells minty fresh too, which is relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

    Laura Loves
    Blinkbrowbar’s Ultimate Lash Curl and Tint£80

    I have very short, straight lashes so I find it takes make-up to give my eyes a fresh, open look. I love going make-up-free in the summer, it’s so much easier than dealing with the hassle of removing waterproof mascaras. I’d been thinking of tinting my lashes this summer, and recently discovered the perfect treatment. Blinkbrowbar’s Ultimate Lash Curl and Tint is a process of curling, fixing and conditioning. It is definitely worth trying for yourself – I experienced amazing results. The tint process gave my lashes that flick of mascara look and visibly changed my make-up-free face. Results last up to six weeks and using the Luscious Oil and Micellar Water aftercare products ensures you get the most out of the treatment.



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