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With the arrival of spring, sunshine and the promise of summer we love something a bit brighter on our lips. Orange-red is a great alternative to traditional deep red, which we favour in the winter, especially with a tan. We both have our star buys, some suit blondes better than brunettes and vice versa. Then there are some lipsticks that just look fab on both: take a bow Bobbi Brown’s Jenna shade.


By Petro
Petro Loves

Bobbi Brown Jenna £19.50 Laura and I both love this shade, funnily enough though it looks more orange on me than on her. It is matt but goes on smoothly, one coat is great if you just want a hint of colour but for a full pop you will need at least two coats. 

Le Metier de Beaute Mondrian £17.53 I recently discovered this brand and I have to say I think it’s brilliant and Mondrian is my favourite lipstick shade that they do. Although it’s more glossy than I would normally go for, a dab of tissue removes most of the shine. I think it looks even more vivid next to a tan, natural or otherwise. 

Laura Loves

Nars Lana £24  This lipstick is absolutely divine in both colour and texture. It’s a rich, vibrant shade of dark orange, and really does remind me of the colour of geraniums in summer. It’s very moisturising, yet still comes up totally matte and would suit both blondes and brunettes. I think it may very well become my Summer staple.

Topshop Rio Rio £8 Rio Rio is probably on the cusp between an orange and a red, but on me it comes up a dark matte coral. It’s very moisturizing, perfect if you have dry lips that tend to go a bit flaky towards the end of the day. Great colour for a great price.

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Le Metier de Beaute Mondrian £17.53 Bergdorf Goodman


Nars Lana £24 ASOS


Topshop Rio Rio £8

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