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    Whenever we pack for summer holidays, there’s always a beauty conundrum. Everyday formulas don’t always translate to the harsher conditions of sun, surf and sand. Plus, it’s not always possible to take full-size products, especially if you’re trying to get away with carry-on. For us, travel kits are the answer. They not only provide a capsule skincare routine for a week, but are also a great way to test a range of formulas from brands you’ve been keen to sample.

    Laura Loves

    Susanne Kaufmann

    Travel Kit – Sun£81

    Susanne Kaufmann is a pioneer in natural beauty and her products are trusted for being as natural as they are effective, so I was very keen to test her suncare. The kit has six products – a waterproof broad-spectrum sunscreen for the face; a body formula; an After Sun Moisturising Gel with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid; a Moisturising Spray for a hydration boost during the day; plus a hair mask (which I saved until the last day to undo some of that holiday damage); and lip balm. All of the formulas are lightweight with a lovely cucumber scent and come in a transparent bag, making it easy for carry-on. And while £81 might seem a lot for a kit, in the past when I’ve bought full-size formulas for holidays, I always seem to end up with so much left over. This felt really efficient because I got high-quality, clean skincare and by the end of the trip, had used every last drop. 

    Petro Loves

    Dr Sebagh

    Travel Skincare Kit£130

    For a little summer glow, Dr Sebagh’s self-tanning drops are my go-to, so I was curious to try more of this doctor-led skincare line. After all, Sebagh is one of the top cosmetic dermatologists in Europe and a pioneer in preserving skin vitality with powerful formulas, so I had high expectations. And I was not disappointed. The kit has everything you need for seven days anywhere: there’s a Foaming Cleanser; Extreme Maintenance Cream; the award-winning Serum Repair; Deep Exfoliating Mask; Rose de Vie; plus a full-sized Eye Primer Lift. Often I feel like I’m neglecting my skin on holidays (aside from SPF), but with this kit, my super-sensitive skin felt (and looked) so much better. I’ll definitely be investing in the Serum Repair.

    Brooke Loves


    On The Fly Kit£18
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    I’ve always wanted to be someone who is organised enough to take a face treatment on a holiday, so this kit was a bit of a bucket-list moment for me. I packed it for a weekend away in Italy celebrating a friend’s big birthday bash and it was great. The kit has two sheet masks for the face: I did the Hydrate Mask when I first arrived to undo some of the travel dehydration, and on the day of the party I used the Illuminate Mask. It gave my complexion a glow I honestly didn’t have before. The morning after, I reached for the FlashPatch rejuvenating eye gels to combat my puffy eyes. And finally, while I wasn’t sure I’d love the FlashPatch hydrating lip gels, after a few days in the heat they left my lips looking much smoother. Would highly recommend this for anyone heading to a destination wedding this summer. 

    Alexandra Loves

    Drunk Elephant

    The Littles Kit 3.0£71
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    I don’t think I’m alone in being slightly obsessed with trying  the much-hyped products from Drunk Elephant. The skincare line is formulated without, what the founder calls, the “suspicious six”, which is a list of ingredients that didn’t agree with her skin and includes essential oils, fragrance/dyes, silicones, SLS, chemical sunscreens and drying alcohols. A travel kit seemed like the perfect way to figure out if the formulas worked for me – and this one has seven. At first glance, the products all looked quite small, but they easily lasted my week-long holiday. I love that the kit (which I packed for a destination wedding) contains all my regular skincare steps, which include a cleanser, serum and moisturiser… plus a few more items, like an eye cream, face oil and night cream. In the end, while I liked everything, my favourite was the C-Firma Day Serum. 



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