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  • Chanel’s Bright New Nail Polish Collection

    When we set out to review the newest shades of summer polish, little did we know that we were going to fall in love with the entire Chanel Le Vernis range that was sent to the office. The vibrant yellow, wearable pastel green, perfect shade of Arancio red and bright pink caught our eye and we tried them all out on our fingers and toes. Long-wearing, protective and with lasting shine designed to make vibrant colours dazzle, we were extremely impressed with the selection.

    Laura and Petro
    Laura Loves
    Chanel Le Vernis Exquisite Pink£22
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    Summer months are about the only time I wear any shade of pink on my nails – in the winter I find it a bit on the ‘pretty’ side and it never really goes with anything, but in the summer it perfectly complements my little white dresses, floral frocks and tan accessories. This shade is more like a vibrant red with a hint of magenta in it. I had it professionally applied on my toes for a glossy pedicure that really was exquisite!

    Laura Loves
    Chanel Le Vernis Verde Pastello£22
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    I instinctively feel more adventurous with polish in the summer – I stick to relatively classic colours on my toes, but I’m not shy of trying something new on my hands. I saw Eva Chen wearing a similar colour on her Instagram and loved it. The paste green makes a bit of a change, but it’s wearable and seems to go with everything. I also found the formula improved – it’s long-wearing, extra-fine and ultra-shiny; each coat gives an even and lacquered result which lasted for a whole week chip-free.

    Petro Loves
    Chanel Le Vernis Giallo Napoli£22
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    Anything other than reds, plums, pinks and nudes usually sends me running for the hills. So I was surprised to be drawn to this bold yellow shade. According to Chanel, the Giallo Napoli is a ‘bright Naples yellow’ that refers to one of the oldest synthetic pigments used in art from the 16th century. I like the way it made my feet look tanned and gave them an instant hit of summer. This shade would also work well on darker skin tones and even paler, pinker skin than mine. 

    Petro Loves
    Chanel Le Vernis Arancio Vibrante£22

    Back in my comfort zone, I loved the bold, rich orange undertones of the Arancio Vibrante red. I have to admit that in the past I have found Chanel polishes don’t last as long on my nails as other brands, but I am really impressed with this new long-wear range. Five days in and my hands still look as nice as the day they were painted. This almost-geranium shade is brilliant if you’re looking for an alternative to classic red, but you don’t fancy venturing into the more out-there summer shades. 



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