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    By now, everyone pretty much knows the drill: sunscreen is the most important formula you can slather on your skin. It protects from harmful UV rays that can result in long-lasting damage including sagging, wrinkles, sun spots and skin cancer. The only catch is that you need to wear it every single day. To be honest, we opt for a tinted moisturiser with lower SPF in winter. But when spring hits, we get serious again. Our focus turns to finding a formulation that absorbs quickly, works under make-up and delivers some serious protection. 



    Advanced Gel SPF50£19

    When a member of our team said a dermatologist had recommended this affordable formula – and that she absolutely loved it – I was intrigued. I’d tried the cream version last summer, but it was too heavy for my combination skin. This gel formula glides on and absorbs quickly – I barely felt like I’d applied anything at all. I’ll be adding this to my summer holiday suitcase. 


    SkinCeuticals Ultra Facial Defense£37
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    This is a beauty staple in my skin wardrobe. I love that this creamy formula feels hydrating, but sinks in quickly. It never gives my skin a shine, so it works well under make-up and is a cinch to re-apply during the day too. I just dab it over my face if I’m out in the sun. My routine most mornings is to wash, tone, apply antioxidant serum and then smooth this sunscreen all over.



    Invisible Shield£20
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    I am super-sensitive – I even react to some mineral sunscreens, but this clear watergel formula felt great on my skin. It sinks in really fast, which meant I could apply make-up straight away. And I really like that it contains antioxidants, such as vitamin E and aloe leaf.


    Estée Lauder

    Perfectionist Multi-Defense UV SPF45£30.60
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    This sunscreen feels more like a serum. I love the way it glides on and leaves skin with a glow – but not a sticky one. In addition to broad-spectrum protection, this mineral-based formula also has hydrating ingredients, and antioxidants like vitamin C. So I really like that while it protects, it’s also helping my skin look and feel better.



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