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  • Clean Beauty Under £30

    With the launch of GOOP in the UK, we’ve had the chance to learn a lot more about clean beauty. That is, products that are non-toxic and made without a long list of ingredients linked to harmful health effects. When it comes to replacing go-to beauty products with ‘clean’ ones, it makes sense to start with formulas you apply to your skin every single day. And we were pleasantly surprised to find that some of the best ones, which have made the cut with the extremely fussy GOOP beauty editors, are actually quite affordable. Here are four we’ve had on high rotation and love.

    By Laura & Petro
    Laura loves

    Olio E Osso

    Balm No.2 French Melon£27
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    I don’t wear a lot of make-up during the week unless I have to, but I still feel better with a little colour. This balm has a hint of rosiness and a zesty grapefruit scent, and I’ve been dabbing it on my lips, cheeks and even eyelids to hydrate my skin and add a little glow. I keep it in my bag and touch up when I need to. Amazingly, it only has four ingredients (organic olive oil, natural shea oil, natural beeswax and natural grapefruit oil, plus pigment), so when my girls beg to try on my make-up, this is one product I can actually hand over to them. Plus, the balm is so dense I’m predicting it will last for at least a year, if not two.

    Petro Loves

    Goop Body

    G.Tox Glacial Marine Clay Body Cleanser£27

    I often fall into the trap of spending more time thinking about the formulas I put on my face than on my body, which is crazy considering I’m slathering soap over the majority of my skin surface. So I switched to this body wash, which has marine clay for detoxing and essential oils, such as rosemary and grapefruit, too. First, let me say that it makes my shower smell like a spa. A really high-end one. And I’ve been surprised at how much better my skin feels. The formula lathers and cleans, and leaves my skin feeling soft afterwards, not tight and dry. And since I’m often too lazy to moisturise, this is a welcome outcome. 

    Petro Loves


    Expressionist Mascara£18

    I’m one of those people who doesn’t leave the house without mascara, so it seemed like a good place to start my clean beauty journey. What I like about this formula is that you can start the day with simple, groomed lashes by adding one coat. Then at the end of the day, if I’m going out, I can easily layer on a few extra coats for a more dramatic effect. The mascara adds length without clumping and the colour is blackest-black, which is my favourite.

    Laura Loves


    Jasmine Tea Sensitive Skin Deodorant£10
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    I’ve been opting to wear a deodorant without aluminium for a while, but have struggled to find a formula that really performs. The search is now over. This is one very good deodorant. It has a delicious jasmine-tea scent, and contains coconut oil and shea butter, so it glides on smoothly. Most importantly, it contains plant-based powders that really absorb wetness. So basically, I smell good and I feel safe when I swipe it on.



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