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    Top Tips

    • If you just want to dip your toe in the water, go for red – it’s basically a neutral but will give you a pop of colour 
    • Don’t worry too much about matching what you’re wearing underneath; after all, it’ll be buttoned up most of the time
    • If you’re into matching, try going head-to-toe in one shade; not only is it universally flattering, but it’s a dressier option too

    Colourful Coats

    Although we would always vote for a classic neutral – black, navy or camel – as your first investment coat, there’s a chance you’ve already ticked that particular box and are in the market for something a little bolder. This season the high street and designers alike have embraced a kaleidoscope of colours to adorn their outerwear. From soft, gentle sorbet shades to full-on primary hues, why not add a little brightness to the dullest and greyest of winter days?

    By Petro

    Top Tips

    • As a general rule, softer shades look better on darker and olive skins, while bold primary colours really pop on very pale or very dark skin tones
    • There are some great wool and bouclé high-street options out there, but watch out for coloured faux fur, as it can easily look cheap
    • Do wear it as often as you do your neutral coat, with everything from your off-duty basics to more office-appropriate city tailoring



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