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    How To Curate Your Perfect Wardrobe

    We’ve been lucky enough to see inside some incredible wardrobes over the past four years, all of which have been impeccably organised. So we thought we’d share some of our favourite tips from the top. 

    by Alexandra Dorrell

    We’re constantly inspired by the women we feature in The ICONS Update, whether we’re interviewing them as experts or seeing inside their beautifully curated wardrobes. One thing we’ve taken away from our interviews is that a well-organised and ‘prettified’ wardrobe makes getting dressed in the mornings so much more exciting, not to mention quicker. Detoxing your wardrobe and spending time getting it exactly how you like it will help you rediscover old favourites, fall back in love with your staples and get more wear out of everything. After all, out of sight, out of mind. 

    Belma-Organisation Photos Eva K Salvi | Julie Adams



    Milan-based JJ Martin, founder of La DoubleJ, displays her shoes on industrial-style chrome shelving in her dressing room. Being able to see all your shoes not only makes getting dressed more fun (hello, shopping from your own wardrobe), but it also means you’ll get more wear from your purchases. 



    To maximise her wardrobe, Laura makes use of every last bit of space: “One of the best wardrobe tips I’ve ever received, from our very own Deborah Brett, is to give up your skirting board to build thin, wide, pull-out drawers for storing all your flat shoes,” she says. “I’ve done this in my last two wardrobes and it’s made a world of difference.”



    In an ideal world, you would feel as excited opening your wardrobe as you do when you go shopping. Little Circle co-founder Anna Bromilow uses pretty hangers and organises her rails by colour and style. This is especially effective if you have open rails, and will give you the same frisson as you get at a designer store.



    We love clever storage solutions. Case in point: using a magazine rack to store and display bags. “I bought this magazine rack in Paris at Merci,” says Vestiaire Collective’s Fanny Moizant. “It’s perfect to display clutches – it’s such a shame to keep them hidden away.” 



    There’s no reason to display your favourite pieces on conventional open shelving. Take a page from fashion designer Anine Bing’s stylish book, who converted a glass-fronted cabinet, traditionally used to store books or crockery, into the perfect spot for her vintage bag collection. Pro tip: Anine organises hers according to size on each shelf, so she can grab and go. 


    Fiona Leahy Perfect Wardrobe



    Event extraordinaire Fiona Leahy uses a vintage dentist’s table to store her jewellery and accessories. Not only does it make a stunning centrepiece for her dressing room, but the drawers happen to be the perfect width and depth to store sunglasses, while the little cupboards are perfect for displaying her favourite treasures. The lesson: don’t restrict your search for storage to wardrobe-specific furniture. Instead, try antique shops, eBay or furniture you might have elsewhere in the house that could be repurposed. 



    If you have the space, we loved Tash Sefton’s top tip: “I always keep the boxes of special items. If I don’t use them for the original piece, I use them for storing older styles.” So much more chic than typical storage boxes, designer packaging is perfectly suited for other pieces you want to keep tidied away. 





    Anna Singh, co-founder of Chinti and Parker, knows a thing or two about storing her knitwear. Jumpers and cardigans are neatly folded in accessible piles (with a folding board), separated by colour and style, and then stacked on open shelving. And the pay-off isn’t just aesthetic: this really helps give longevity to your knitwear. 





    We’re in danger of repeating ourselves, but you really do get the most wear out of the pieces you can see. Which is why we love clear storage boxes, as used by Racil Chalhoub: “They protect your items and it’s so easy to see what you’re looking for. I buy them from Muji and have all shapes and sizes. I store jewellery by category and then by colour or style.”





    If you store your accessories in drawers rather than boxes, stackable trays are a must. Petro made the switch and hasn’t looked back: “I used to keep my fine jewellery in separate boxes, but I would often forget about pieces,” she says. “Now they’re all housed in trays from Stackers, so I can see what there is and no longer spend hours on a tangled necklace.”




    If you’re the sort of woman who has got her style down, first of all: lucky you. This probably means you find yourself repeat-buying like Elle Ferguson, who wears denim shorts six out of seven days. She organises by wash or colour and then by fit, and we recommend doing the same with your wardrobe staple, so each morning you can easily grab the exact item you’re looking for. 





    You don’t need a converted spare bedroom to create your dream wardrobe. Nooks and crannies can create unexpectedly practical closet spaces. Roberta Benteler converted her attic, making the most of the room’s shape: “The idea behind the design was to maximise the space – especially the slanted ceiling – so creating different aisles with shoe shelves at the front made more sense than just having shelves and rails.”



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