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    Something we spend very little time on is our daily make-up – most of the time it’s a five-minute routine. However the importance of well-defined yet not in-your face brows doesn’t pass us by. Laura barely has to spend any time on hers, thanks to her Mediterranean heritage – at most it’s a pluck or a maintenance wax and some brow gel. Petro, however, finds her non-existent wispy blonde brows need a little more attention. Here are her four favourite shaping tools… 

    Tweezerman Steel Slant Tweezers£21.95

    OK, no matter how diligent you are about getting your brows professionally done, there is always a rogue hair. Always. And nothing is more irritating than a pair of tweezers that can’t target that hair effectively. So ever since my early twenties when I learned the power of Tweezerman tweezers and their ability to remove any hair no matter how fine or stubborn, I have never used anything else. 

    Bobbi Brown Dual-Ended Brow Brush£26

    There is a reason Bobbi Brown is synonymous with good brows, and that’s because of her brilliant eyebrow products. We love everything from the tools to the gels. This eyebrow brush is perfect for filling in and for brushing in gels or unruly brows. I also use it to brush face balm into my brows after a treatment or sun exposure, to keep them from looking frazzled. 

    Bobbi Brown Cement Eye Shadow£18

    Sadly I can’t do eyebrow pencils – they make my brows look too severe. I have tried every colourway and brand under the sun. After a brow session at Bobbi Brown, they recommended I use a eyeshadow instead and it works a treat. The powder gives a much gentler, more authentic finish, so my brows look defined and filled in rather than tattooed on.

    Too Faced Universal Taupe Brow Gel£17

    If I am stuck for time or I need more a definite brow – often for shoots – I love using this gel by Too Faced. It gives my wispy hairs volume and depth without looking like I have attempted to draw them on. Universal taupe will work on the majority of blondes, but they have a range of shades to suit most skin types.



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