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  • Image of Donna Wallace wearing furry slides Pinterest

    Top Tips

    • This trend is quite a statement already, so stick to neutral and fairly muted colours
    • As a general rule, the more embellishment there is, the more money you should invest in them
    • For these to work, they need to be totally flat – avoid any kind of heel
    Image of Eva Chen wering Brother Vellies slides @evachen212

    Fluffy Slides

    Fluffy slides – the definition of a Marmite trend. There are two things you need to acknowledge before buying into this: the first is that men will never, ever understand why you would want to wear anything with fluff on, and the second is that this will hands-down be the most fun trend this year. Now we’ve got that out of the way, we can focus on why this micro-trend has become one to watch. For starters, these shoes seem so comical on paper and yet once they’re on they somehow work. They also perfectly bridge the gap between high summer and autumn. Not quite warm enough for barely-there sandals, but still humid enough that socks and trainers are too much? Fluffy slides are the answer, we promise.

    Phoebe Roche

    Image of Laura Fantacci wearing Miu Miu slides Wardrobe ICONS

    Top Tips

    • For staying power, you can’t go wrong with leather and suede
    • If you’re feeling unsure, a crossover style of sandal gives a smarter look
    • Keep the rest of your outfit pulled together to avoid looking too off-duty. Wearing them with something unexpectedly dressy is foolproof



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