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  • Gazelli Body Renewal Programme

    Gazelli House is a new lifestyle club in the heart of South Ken, founded by Jamila Askarova and her mother, renowned skincare doctor and genetic scientist Dr Zarifa Hamzayeva. Anyone can sign up to become a member and have access to the club and their range of unique beauty therapies. One of their signature treatments is the Body Renewal Programme, the perfect prep for special holidays, weddings or events. Over two weeks you have a combination of internal and external treatments that are designed to wake up your metabolism, aiming to give you a more toned and sculpted physique. Looking for a post-baby body boost, Petro Stofberg tried and tested it.

    To book in for your treatment at Gazelli House, visit 

    www.gazelliskincare.com/gazelli-house/ or email bookings@gazelli.co.uk


    It always takes me a while to lose baby weight, and I find that the last stone is usually the very hardest to shift. So to begin my treatment I undergo a diagnostic evaluation of my lifestyle and habits, focusing on what can be done to help me shift those last pounds. They also assessed which areas I was most concerned about (stomach, hips and thighs), and came up with a bespoke package designed to tackle those ‘problem’ areas. This was followed by a thorough but relaxing scrub with Gazelli Illuminating Perfecting Skin Polish.

    On my second visit I am given a heavenly sculpting massage with ultrasound and infrared therapy to prepare my body for acupuncture with their resident doctor of oriental medicine. As an acupuncture virgin I was a little nervous, but I needn’t have been. It was a gentle mediative treatment that lasted 30 minutes, during which I was given specific instructions on how to aid my sluggish digestion and up my energy levels.

    Next I was given a combined radio frequency and vacuum suction treatment designed to shrink fat cells and encourage cell renewal. This sounds terrifying, but is actually extremely gentle, more like a warm heat and suction sensation. In fact I fell asleep, despite being on the second highest settings on the machine. This was followed with a final bout of body brushing and acupuncture on my final visit. 

    Verdict: My abs and thighs definitely feel less dimply and wobbly than they did two weeks ago. I am more conscious of what, and how quickly, I eat. My energy levels have improved and I feel more relaxed generally. Gazelli House haven’t waved a magic wand and made 6kg melt away, but they did give it a damn good go. I would really recommend this to kick off or restart a weight-loss programme or before a big event such as a wedding when you need an extra body confidence boost. 



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