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  • Image of a woman in Chanel high-waisted bikini image via Pinterest

    Top Tips

    • Go a size up to ensure there are no lumps or bumps
    • Avoid looking as if you’ve just worn big pants to the beach by making sure the bottoms are high up enough on your waist to cover your belly button
    • If in doubt, you can never go wrong with an eternally chic black number
    Image of Lucy Williams in Stella McCartney high-waisted bikini Lucy Williams @fashionmenow

    High-Waisted Bikini

    High-waisted bikinis can seem counter-intuitive to those of us who want a little bit more coverage on holiday, but remember the magic of the bigger brief. Trust us – the more fabric there is, the smaller you’ll look. The key is to make sure the fit is perfect. It’s worth remembering that you’re on holiday first and foremost to enjoy yourself, and any bikini that lets you eat, drink and be merry and still makes you feel fabulous is a winner in our books.

    Phoebe Roche

    Image of woman in red gingham high-waisted bikini Image via Pinterest

    Top Tips

    • Find a swimwear brand that sells tops and bottoms separately, so you get the perfect fit
    • Unless it’s a super-simple pattern, try to spend a little more money on printed styles – it’s worth the investment
    • Bigger briefs can be deceptive; remember there’s no substitute for trying something on to get the fit right



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