Unexpected Hero

Multiple Piercings

Ear real estate has become serious business. The negative connotations of multiple piercings are a thing of the past – the new jewellery offerings are impossibly dainty and endlessly flattering. Statement earrings aren’t always possible, so instead choose barely-there hoops that hug your earlobes plus a scattering of almost invisible studs. The trick is to keep them mismatched so the effect is less prim, more fashion-insider. 

Top Tips:

  • Stick to single earrings for a cooler, mismatched look
  • Avoid anything too chunky, this is about making a subtle statement with lots of delicate pieces
  • Wear your hair pulled back or tucked behind your ears for maximum impact
  • Don’t be afraid of colour – a flash of emerald green or lapis blue adds to the effect

By Phoebe Roche