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    How To Style Your Trousers

    When was the last time you bought a pair of trousers? Why do most of us find shopping for this fundamental item of clothing ‘difficult’ and ‘boring’? Laura aims to smooth the process: here’s your pain-free guide to the styles you need and what to wear them with.


    Image of Petro Stofberg wearing trousers

    Let’s face it – shopping for trousers online, especially classic styles, can be really boring. Black trousers all look the same, sizing is often confusing and it’s difficult to predict how they’ll actually look on. Also, imagining what you will wear them with and feeling confident they’re the right buy is hard, even for the pros. It’s much easier (and fun) to buy a statement skirt or a pair of new shoes than it is to scroll through endless pages of what often look like unexciting buys. The result? The trouser section in our wardrobes can end up look looking a little, well, sad. So what are the styles every woman needs? Read on…

    Image of TAPERED trousers



    Perfectly tapered trousers are as much about the cut as they are about the fabric, so check the labels and make sure you opt for wool mixes and natural fabrics, which will be an investment you won’t regret. We prefer styles with side pockets, a waist band and a front pleat for a slick fit. Be prepared to make a trip to the tailor – the perfect ankle-grazing pant is the one that looks right on you.

    Image of leather trousers

    Leather leggings


    Every woman needs a pair of leather leggings in her wardrobe – I never get bored of saying this. Yes, they suit every body shape and virtually all ages; the secret lies in what you wear them with. We favour leggings to trousers, they are more comfortable than jeans and can be easily dressed up or down. Pair with an oversized grey jumper and flat ankle boots.

    Image of CHINOS



    Shopping for chinos is not as straightforward as it looks, because the fit is so key. Firstly you have decide if you are suited to a relaxed or a slim look and when you have found the style that looks good on you, make sure you buy it in a couple of shades ranging from khaki to beige, as these variations will look great on different occasions. Feel the fabric, stay away from very lightweight cottons which crease and look cheap, and opt for heavier weaves. We prefer a straight or tapered style that you can roll up. Aside from the usual suspects like J Crew and Gap, denim brands often get it right – J Brand and Current/Elliott have a great selection.

    Image of Wide-leg trousers

    Wide leg


    Although exceptions can be made, wide-leg or palazzo trousers tend look good on tall women, so unless you have long-ish legs we suggest steering away from this style, and in any case always wear heels. With this shape it’s all about fabric choice: for daytime, plain silk trousers paired with luxe knits and buttoned shirts always look striking, as do mixed woollen trousers in block colours. For the evening, try printed and brocade styles. Always wear shoes that will allow for a floor-grazing look – there’s nothing worse than bunched-up trousers.

    Image of HIGH-WAIST

    High waist


    This style doesn’t look right on everyone – it can be tricky to pull off for short torsos and very petite figures, but there are tricks to make it look right and the ultimate effect is always quite striking, even if you don’t have a small waist. If you are petite, opt for cropped hems and add heels to elongate the silhouette. If you have a short torso, tuck in the top and pull it out a bit.



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