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  • Ed’s Letter

    Our spring cover story has been four years in the making… 

    This is one of those rare occasions where I managed to peer-pressure Laura into doing something she wasn’t that keen on. Believe it or not, my dear friend is not a huge fan of the spotlight and is also quite private about her family.

    I have, however, met both her gorgeous mother and grandmother on numerous occasions and could immediately see where Laura gets her innate sense of style and love of fashion. Both women, like Laura, just seem to have that special something. And it made me think about how a sense of style, like a love of music or cooking, is passed down through generations and is often a language children use to subconsciously connect with their parents. In reality, this cover story has been four years in the making. Four years of me begging and pleading with Laura to be on the cover with her family matriarchs. She finally conceded and I can only hope you enjoy reading the feature as much as I did. For me, this one was worth the wait. 

    Then we asked some of our favourite women for pieces of advice they have either received or wish to impart to their children. There are so many gems, but the one that really resonated with me (read: gave me goosebumps) was Deborah’s poignant quote about using our inherent qualities to our advantage while not letting them confine us. 

    There is also a style sheet on one of our favourite spring essentials: the trench. True, it’s hardly groundbreaking for March, but we are always trying to up those cost-per-wears wherever possible, people. Don’t forget to accidentally leave our Mother’s Day gift guide open if you’re lucky enough to have a generous husband or children (who have reached retail age) looking for a little inspiration.  

    For us, this issue isn’t so much about Mother’s Day as it is about celebrating women. So whether you’re a mother or daughter (or both), we sincerely hope that when you read it you feel our love and gratitude for you all.




    Petro (and Laura) x

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