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  • Petro & Jasmine on the day of our shoot

    Ed’s Letter

    When we started Wardrobe ICONS, sustainability wasn’t really part of the fashion conversation.

    It never occurred to us that our philosophy of buying less, buying better and with longevity at the forefront of our minds was anything other than common sense. However as time has passed and the tide has shifted, it’s something most smart women consider these days when making a purchase. So first of all, if you’re doing this already – congratulations! Your carefully considered, iconic buys mean you’re already helping the cause. Hand on heart, we never started Wardrobe ICONS to sell stuff. We started it to encourage all women to buy smarter, which as it happens, is also more sustainable.

    For us, our annual Earth issue is an excuse for us to celebrate those women and brands that are going the extra mile to combat the pollutant nature of fashion and beauty. Jasmine, with her love of vintage pieces, clothes swapping and eco-conscious brands, was a natural fit. I met her at her beautifully curated 1970s South London home filled with dogs, fashion treasures and lots of love. We also delve deep into the key sustainable fashion and beauty brands we really think you should know more about.

    We hope you find something in these pages that speaks to you and will give you a little insight on how far eco-fashion and beauty has come. And I want to finish with a shout-out to our good friend Kelly Eastwood (@thelondonchatter) who, in addition to being a stylish London-based blogger, is also a passionate conservationist, and has been campaigning against single-use plastic consumption across her social platforms and raising awareness (ours included) for years. If you want to learn more, following her is a good start. 

    Happy Earth Day!

    Petro (and Laura) xx

    Three small steps towards a more sustainable life



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