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  • LF and PS kicking off event season

    Ed’s Letter

    Our summer party season has officially kicked off and I’m just a little excited!

    As I write this, I’m deciding what to wear on Wednesday night to an event we’re hosting with Omega. I’m deciding between a slick statement top with black trousers and killer heels (don’t worry, there will be bows), or a polka-dot tulle dress. It will likely come down to my mood on the night, because the one thing I already know about both of these outfits is that they’re super-comfortable.

    For me, comfort is number one. And that’s because, while there are many beautiful things to wear, they won’t all feel right. So when I try something on, I really move around to ensure I’m not constrained in any way. It has to work from every single angle (standing, sitting, dancing) and I encourage you all to hold anything you wear to those same standards. Know your body and really embrace it when you get dressed for an occasion. That way, you’ll feel good from the moment you arrive. 

    This summer, you’ll probably be attending events, such as a wedding or anniversary party, that require a special gift. So we’ve compiled the ultimate list of iconic big presents –and it was such fun. Personally, I’d love to unwrap the Hermès towel. Can you imagine emerging from the sea and wrapping yourself up in that heavenly towel? I can!

    We also answered a question we get asked most often: at a party, what do I wear on top? It’s a tricky one, but the good news is that you already have the solution in your wardrobe. We just show you how to choose. On the topic of party problems, we’ve also tackled hair. We asked our friends at George Northwood salon, Lotte and Fer, to take us through some simple, stylish party styles. Keep an eye out for our one-minute videos on @wardrobeicons’s Instagram for a little more detail. 

    A final thought: don’t wait to be invited to an event to wear a beautiful dress. I never do. In fact, I’ll just as quickly wear something fabulous to a barbecue in my back garden as I would to a glittering event. And I urge you to do the same! 

    Laura (and Petro) xx

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