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  • Ed’s Letter

    For our smart buys issue, we fill our baskets (literally and digitally) and marvel at all the stuff.

    Then comes the harder part. What’s really going to last? What is smart to buy smart? This is one of the best (and worst) things about working with Laura. She’s always asking the questions. Turning dresses over to check the hems. Scrutinising the fabric or fit. And just when we think we’re done, here it comes again: what is smart to buy smart?

    This issue, we found the answer for spring. First, printed dresses. There are some winners out there, the kind that’ll take you from day to night (and whatever happens in-between). Raffia baskets and espadrilles also made the cut, because the same natural materials are used regardless of how expensive they are, so the challenge is finding well-made options in a classic palette. And let’s not forget our interview with Morgane Sézalory, the founder of the cult label from France that so many women have fallen head over heels in love with (including us). Once each stylish collection sells out, there isn’t any more, which creates a real buzz and you know you won’t see the pieces everywhere. All of which is made even more impressive given the smart price point. 

    My favourite page in this issue, though, might just be the spring transformers. For me, those new bits and pieces allow me to really appreciate my warm-weather basics. And I love the style sheet too, because shopping smart isn’t just about price. It’s also about the cleverest way you elevate your basics… in this case, with designer accessories.

    When it comes to smart buys, we’re looking for clothes that can compete with the investment pieces in your wardrobe and go the distance. So while there are cheaper dresses and bags and baskets, we always try to weigh up the quality with the price tag. 

    To that end, here’s our spring edit for shopping smart… without compromising on style.

    Love Petro (and Laura) xx

    Three things for spring days...


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