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  • Ed’s Letter

    Can I tell you a secret?

    I hate shopping. There, I’ve said it. When my friends and family ask me to take them, under the impression I will enjoy the process, I literally have to force myself to say yes, and will only ever commit to a limited time frame. I hate everything about it: sifting through never-ending rails; trying everything on, getting hot and bothered in the changing rooms; and looking for ‘the thing’ without a cause. But, boy, do I LOVE fashion – oh, I do! In particular those efficient, intelligent purchases and rewarding versatile buys.

    So it’s in the name of fashion-efficiency that I’ve carved out a career as a digital fashion editor. What I enjoy most is scanning a room (or an internet page) and finding the pieces that are worthy of being your next purchase. I love putting together outfits, so you don’t have to think about getting dressed in the morning. It’s spotting the difference between a quality item with longevity and one you will regret buying. That’s my job and I adore it.

    This issue is dedicated to all of you – the shopping-haters who love fashion, and the shopping-lovers who can’t get their heads around fashion. We’re here to help.

    Petro and I went on a virtual shopping spree and styled together the key looks for this season in Stride Into Autumn. As always, some things made it into our actual wardrobes, such as the Joseph red knitted co-ord and leopard print knee-high boots that you will get bored of seeing me wear this winter.

    September is a great month to invest in a new bag, and we have found the current styles that will last forever. Now is also the time to get maximum wear out of your backless shoes – find out how with my Gucci Princetown loafer Style Sheet

    Looking for an all-in-one autumnal dressing solution? May I introduce our new obsession: the jumpsuit. And while the blooms of summer are ready to be packed away for another year, we show you why paisley is the perfect print to take you into the next season. Finally, there are the wearable beauty catwalk looks we can’t wait to update our make-up bags with and recreate. And as we bid adieu to our features editor Brooke, she shares the style lessons she’s learnt while at ICONS HQ. 

    And don’t forget to sign up to our competition to fuel (literally) your love of fashion – win £500 to spend at NET-A-PORTER.com

    Good luck!

    LF x

    Laura's 3 Autumn Updates

    • 1

      I like to switch to a darker lip at this time of year, so will be wearing a rich rouge with a velvety texture (as seen in Beauty Focus). ‘Sucre’ is the perfect mix of berry and red.

    • 2

      I can think of nothing more lovely to wear all winter than Joseph’s knitted two-piece. The universally flattering geranium-red adds a pop of colour to autumnal neutrals.

    • 3

      Autumn outfits are finished off perfectly with a pair of sleek mules, and they don’t come much chicer than the Princetown by Gucci.



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