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  • Ed’s Letter

    My mother has always said…

    The cornerstones of a great wardrobe are a beautiful winter coat and good shoes. In fact, my parents bought me a black cashmere floor-length coat for my 21st birthday, which I wore solidly for 10 years. That advice has stayed with me, even through my fast-fashion phase (yes, I had one). It might explain why, while some people collect summer dresses (ahem, Laura Fantacci), I gravitate towards outerwear. So every year, after collating our coat guide, I will always spend a little time checking I have all the boxes ticked. Cape: tick. Trench with a twist: tick. Belted… adds to wish list.

    For those of us who arguably have enough coats, there is always the question, ‘How do I update the rest of my wardrobe this season?’ Take a look at this issue’s Style Sheet, where we focus on Laura’s most worn outfit of 2019, the knitted co-ord, or perhaps try one of our Top 20 winter print dresses. If you aren’t quite ready to plunge into winter, or this semi-muggy weather has left you in an outfit predicament, make sure you check out our ICONS Guide to in-between dressing. Features editor Frankie has made a good case for investing in some true trans-seasonal wardrobe heroes, such as the long-line cardigan. Plus, this week we handpick the statement blouses that can be worn now and well into winter. 

    Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast – the most recent episode is with Gwyneth Paltrow’s phenomenal and always curious right-hand woman Elise Loehnen.

    Love Petro x

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