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  • Ed’s Letter

    As I write this, I am wondering if, like me, you have also experienced

    A slight uplift in mood since the last time I wrote my Ed’s letter three weeks ago. I’ve been trying to put my finger on what’s changed, and I figured that the previous sense of uncertainty has, to a degree, been replaced by a sense of hope. I have no problem admitting that, only three weeks ago, everything about fashion seemed somewhat irrelevant or a bit out of place; today I like to think that the sense of escapism that fashion can provide, blended with the ability to create ‘visions’ of happier times, offers a little healing for our minds and hearts. This issue has been put together with a lot of joy and optimism, which I hope will jump out from every page.

    If you don’t know our cover star, Alex Eagle, it is my pleasure to introduce her. After working in fashion media and PR, Alex made her name in retail as creative director of her eponymous luxury concept store, which blends fashion, lifestyle and elements of a gallery with a strong emphasis on wearability, longevity and sustainability. In the past when I read her interviews, I often wondered why she didn’t work at Wardrobe ICONS, because our philosophies are so closely aligned. We were actually set to shoot Alex in her London home, but by the time the lockdown was established, we couldn’t make the date, so instead, our features editor, Frankie Graddon, interviewed her and spoke of the need to slow down, consume less and take the opportunity to reimagine fashion. With Earth Day on 22nd April, her words seem more relevant now than ever. I loved her perspective and hope you will enjoy her interview.

    It may be the wave of beautiful sunshine we’ve been blessed with in the UK, but it inspired me, and our fashion and merchandising editor, Florence Eyres, to repopulate our dresses section entirely; there is a bit of everything, from mini and maxi to with and without sleeves – and, because we love asking about and responding to your needs, even plenty of maternity dresses in wrap and shirt styles. Do visit the section, or get a preview of our favourite spring dresses to pair with sandals here.

    Being physically active has an enormous impact on our mental wellbeing, and even I (famously exercise-shy) have taken up daily yoga sessions in front of my laptop and, for the first time in my life, bought some exercise gear. Whether you are running, dancing or stretching in your sessions, Petro (our resident workout guru) has put together outfits that will see you do so stylishly. And to give you a little encouragement, too, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Ernest Leoty to bring you an exclusive 25% discount when you shop using the code ICONS25 (valid until 30th June). 

    Elsewhere in the issue, we talk about our favourite hand and foot creams in Beauty Focus, how much headbands have become part of our outfits in Unexpected Hero, and Petro recreates an at-home-spa with her step-by-step guide to at-home facials.

    As always, please do let us know what you think, what you’ve enjoyed and what you would like to see more of. One final gentle reminder: if you see something you like and happen to want to buy it, please do so by using our links. This will help sustain our small business and see us through to the other side.

    With love,

    Laura (& Petro) xx

    Three things that are bringing me joy right now



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