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  • Ed’s Letter

    My favourite shopping period is the summer sales…

    I put more effort into hunting out bargain forever-finds at this time of year than I do any other shopping activity. There is nothing that engages my endorphins more than 30% off that investment buy I’ve been holding out for all season, or scooping up a statement piece that suddenly feels less extravagant with 50% off.

    Although Laura will readily admit that she’s no fan of sales shopping, we both have our tricks and tips on how to grab those hard-to-find pieces. For example, buying counter season – so, winter pieces in summer and summer pieces in winter – or frequently checking back in to see what has been added (hello, leather Loewe tote with 30% off at the very end of the January sales). Another favourite is gaining access to preview sales (which are always more fruitful) by signing up to newsletters. These tips, and more, are helpfully listed in our Love Letter to Our Sales Buys. And, while Laura has hunted down the best discounted shoes, bags and all-in-ones to indulge in now, I have scoured the interiors shelves for those home updates that are suddenly a little less out of reach.

    To keep this issue fresh and up to date, we will be adding new pages every two days for the next fortnight, beginning this week with our handpicked sales edits and the top ten most coveted dresses. Next week, keep an eye out for the best discounted accessories, beachwear and pieces for under £100.

    If sales shopping just isn’t your bag, there is also our new podcast to listen to, with the wonderfully talented photographer Julie Adams. Laura and Julie talk about This Is Me, the book Julie created with friend and journalist Georgie Abay that showcases unretouched portraits of real women in their swimwear, alongside moving stories of their journeys to body acceptance. Their candid conversation is an essential reminder that beauty lies in our individuality.

    And finally, the past few weeks have seen Laura and me, together with the rest of the team, collect our thoughts and make positive steps towards becoming an actively anti-racist company. We hope you received our pledge last week and have already noticed changes in our content. We would like to thank all our readers and followers who have provided us with constructive criticism and, as we carry on listening and educating ourselves, we welcome further polite feedback, suggestions and support.

    We know that meaningful change takes time and consistency, and that it is our actions that will determine our success. Please know that this is just the beginning.


    Petro (and Laura) xx

    Sales Wish List

    The investment pieces I am coveting from the summer sales

    • 1

      One of those key pieces that you never regret picking up in the sales.

    • 2

      Reminiscent of Laura’s Dolce & Gabbana find at Bicester village, a maxi dress for all occasions.

    • 3

      My obsession at the moment is to make myself and my home smell as reminiscent of holidays as possible.



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