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  • LF in her newly organised kitchen

    Ed’s letter

    We’re all January clichés here at Wardrobe ICONS HQ…

    …but if it’s between Petro and myself, I am most certainly the organisation geek, so I’m taking over this week’s editor’s letter with my own little ode to a tidy world. It all started when I discovered The Home Edit on Instagram and made it my mission to interview them for the first issue of the new year. Thanks to Petro’s perseverance and Deborah Brett’s skills, we have our exclusive interview. I hope you’ll feel as inspired by their home-sorting tips as I did. It really motivated me to tackle my kitchen and children’s rooms, which were overflowing after the holidays. I went shopping to buy various storage solutions, including turntables, dividers, baskets and markers, which you can find in our Organisational Gadgets page. And then I got to work. 

    When it comes to sorting your closets, we had so much fun looking back through our Perfect Wardrobe shoots and finding the very best organisational tips from our past cover stars. Hands down, my all-time favourite comes from our very own Deborah Brett, who urged me to replace the skirting boards in my wardrobe with long, low drawers to store all my flat shoes. I’ve never looked back!

    A big part of the New Year for me is also planning good things, which includes Easter and summer holidays. Since I know many of my friends are the same, Petro and I have shared two trips that just might tick the box for you too. I had a long weekend at Daylesford, detoxing from city life and reconnecting with my family (and fresh air), while Petro shares her top tips for visiting her spirit home, Cape Town.

    Another thing that’s happening at Wardrobe ICONS HQ is a renewed dedication to health and exercise: we asked Goop editors, who we trust completely when it comes to all things health and beauty, to recommend their go-to detox hacks, and we’re helping you hit refresh on your workout style (or just fake it with hiking boots, which are our Unexpected Hero).

    Lovely ICONS girls, I hope you enjoy this issue dedicated to getting sorted. Here’s to a brighter, calmer, less-cluttered home (and mind).

    Laura (and Petro) xx

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