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  • PS and LF with Elizabeth Saltzman

    Ed’s Letter

    To be honest, our Experts cover feature is always a nerve-racking affair…

    It starts with the chase, because the formidable women we feature on our cover are busy. Very busy. This can go on for months, and involve everything from professional channels (agents, publicists) to pleading with friends and sliding into personal DMs. Then, once we’ve got a commitment, there’s the shoot. And let me tell you, entering the inner sanctum of industry legends always makes me feel a little weak at the knees. I never sleep the night before. Will they live up to my expectations? Will they like my outfit? Will they like me? And ultimately, will I produce work that meets with their approval? By the end of the day I’m a wreck (of my own making).

    Elizabeth Saltzman was different from the beginning. When I DMd her, she replied to my slightly fangirl message within moments. We soon set a shoot date (which only moved once, when Gwyneth needed her in LA), and she was always charming and professional. She welcomed us into her London home with the warmest smile. And despite being the woman behind the stars, she knows a thing or two about being in front of a camera too: “Mario…” (that would be Testino) “told me I should always be photographed smiling with my mouth a bit open.” And he was right, as you’ll see from the photos we produced one snowy day in London. Elizabeth’s smile is infectious, her honesty refreshing and her generosity of spirit makes her feel like an old friend. What you see is exactly what you get.

    Elsewhere in the issue we’ve focused on the things we’re discussing at HQ – and you’re probably discussing with friends too. There are Valentine’s buys (we love anything heart-shaped), dreamy, instantly iconic bags (me) and a curated shopping list for those packing for the slopes (Petro). Collectively we’re all looking for a bit of a mood boost too, and we found it in the transformative power of wearing colour. Brooke Le Poer Trench wrote a brilliant piece about it in our ‘Colour Challenge’ style notes.

    Finally, if you’ve ever wondered why I own a plethora of black polo-necks for every occasion, head to our Style Sheet. We hope you enjoy this issue, and don’t forget to sign up to our newsletters for some surprises this week – you can subscribe to ICONS Weekend and our less-is-more, once-a-week newsletters right here

    Laura & Petro

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