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  • Top Tips

    • Keep them neutral – save your bolder colours and fun details for holidays
    • Leather and suede will instantly make your espadrilles more city-appropriate
    • Give them a smart edge by pairing them with a true classic, such as a trench coat or navy blazer 
    Espadrilles-Street-Style Emma Hill

    Espadrilles in the City

    Traditionally, espadrilles have sat in our beach boxes – something we pack on holidays and keep for weekends away. However we’ve recently had a change of heart – why shouldn’t the espadrille be city-appropriate? Not only does that mean we get the most out of our summer accessories, but it also gives our city classics a much-needed summer lift. Here are our tips for making this beach favourite a true urban hero. 


    Top Tips

    • Dress them up with a statement skirt or tailored trousers
    • Look for quality fabric straps or buckles, rather than tie-up versions, which tend to look more casual
    • Flatforms are very this season and are comfortable to wear, but the traditional wedge shape will stand the test of time



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