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    We love the ritual of lighting candles. Sometimes it’s just for the mood-boosting effects of a delicious scent, other times it feels medicinal when we’re at the end of a long and tiring day. If you haven’t discovered the power of a beautifully scented candle, we urge you to try. This time of year, when all the non-stop joy can actually be quite stressful, this is our number-one way to take a little time out (and get a grip).  

    Laura & Petro
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    Aromatherapy Associates

    Relax Candle£42
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    I find it hard to unwind in the evening. I’m often still checking my phone seconds before switching the lights off and then lie in bed with a buzzing brain for what seems like hours before falling asleep. These are some of the worst habits you can possibly have, and I’m on a mission to break them. I’ve recently started switching off my phone at least an hour before going to bed, charging it in another room and creating a tech-free, tranquil environment in my bedroom. I also start the process by lighting a soothing candle that instantly makes me feel more calm. This Aromatherapy Associates Relax candle, fragranced with West Indian bay and myrrh essential oils, has a calming scent that really helps me to unwind before going to sleep. It looks just as good as it smells, in a pretty white vase decorated with a gold motif, and will burn for up to 42 hours. Aromatherapy Associates candles are hand-poured in the UK and made from the highest-quality soy wax, with unbleached cotton wicks – and they’re 100% GM-free.

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    Neom Organics

    Scent to De-Stress Candle£32
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    My bathroom is my sanctuary and possibly the only room in the house I ever get any privacy. After a long day at work and what has very likely been an evening of dinner, homework and bedtime battles, I’m usually highly strung and ready to cry. The only thing that helps me instantly unwind is locking the door of my bathroom, tuning on the tap and taking a hot bath in the semi-darkness pretending that I’m in a spa. If I want to give this experience a five-star feel, I light my Neom De-Stress candle, which is made from organic ingredients and pure essential oils. It creates a beautiful scent that works on my state of mind and really makes me feel happier and more relaxed. Taking time to create calm is something that Neom Organic is passionate about, and its Scent To De-Stress range has been specially formulated with natural fragrances that smell wonderful too. It has a blend of 24 of the purest possible essential oils, including lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood, to help you feel calm and banish stress. This is my idea of evening-time heaven.

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    Cire Trudon

    Cire Trudon SIX Scented Candle£80

    Sometimes when I light a candle I’m looking for it to transform the room with a mood-altering scent. However, when it comes to burning fragrance in my living room, I prefer something far more subtle. Rather than the room being hijacked by fragrance, I want a lovely soft scent to linger. Trudon’s SIX Scented Candle is perfect. The scent is so light and gentle that it adds a kind of cosy ambience to the room. You might walk in and get cosy, and only later notice that a candle is burning. For me, there is nostalgia here too – this candle really reminds me of my childhood home. The hand-poured wax is scented with gardenia, bergamot and a hint of monoi, and infused with touches of jasmine and vanilla. And then there’s the pot: the candle is housed in white Italian glass and finished with a signature gold stamp.

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    Tahitian Coconut Scented Candle£54

    I don’t suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder), but I do find I come down with a heavy case of January blues. My mood is definitely darker and more stormy than my usual fairly sunny demeanour (my husband will probably disagree with that last one…). I had considered light therapy, until I discovered that I can alter my mood quite significantly by lighting a candle – one that specifically evokes feelings of summer. I find that despite the dreary dark days, I am immediately transported to a warmer climate where boots and several layers are not required. Lumira’s creator Almira Armstrong wants her fragrances to “remind you of something, somewhere, sometime, or just some good old-fashioned escapism” and The Tahitian Coconut does just that. The coconut undertones remind me of suncream, holidays and beaches, while exotic floral overtones of frangipani and mandarin make my London home feel momentarily like a tropical paradise.



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