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  • Laura’s A/W Checklist

    Laura’s winter uniform swings between dresses with boots, and leather leggings with colourful knitwear. After pulling beloved staples out of storage, she then hits refresh on her wardrobe with a handful of cheery pieces and on-trend accessories to lift her spirits (and keep her cosy) during the cooler months.

    Bella Freud

    Solidarité Feminine Wool Sweater£294



    My winter wardrobe is as much about wearing past investments that I still love as it is buying new things. I will never stop wearing my Bella Freud slogan jumpers, especially on the weekend when they are my go-to staple.



    Black Essential Polo Neck Jumper£55



    A black polo neck, which can be layered under dresses and tops or worn alone, is one of my cold-weather staples. The secret is in the fit: a narrow neck and fitted arms are key to avoiding a bulky look.

    Ulla Johnson

    Isabeau Pleated Floral Dress£270



    This is an investment I make almost on a seasonal basis. I love a dress with long sleeves – I’ll be wearing this one with my thin polo neck underneath when the temperatures drop.


    Alphabet Gold Tone Rings£180



    I’ll keep on wearing my LF rings – I love them so much and I always get comments on them. Chloé did a similar style (you’d need to travel to a little store in Milan for mine).


    Leather High-Leg Boots£149.99



    In recent years I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a dresses girl, winter or summer, so this season I’ll be wearing boots with everything. This Mango pair has a great shape and a wearable heel at an affordable price point.


    Double Face Knit Coat£545



    I really want to invest in a new coat. Joseph does the best ones – the wraparound style not only suits me, but it’s also a timeless piece. I love this length too, as it keeps you warm all over.

    Tory Burch

    Surreal Lock Pendant Necklace£165



    After being a bit overlooked as a winter accessory, necklaces are having a huge comeback. I love layering different lengths and this long locket is exactly what I’ve been looking for.



    Pixie Mini Leather Belt Bag£705



    If there’s one trend that’s slowly attracted my attention, it’s belt bags. Like anything that’s too trendy, I like to opt for a chic, wearable version, so when I saw this Chloé bag with its fine gold chain my heart skipped a beat. I’ll wear it over dresses and coats, every day.


    Stretch Leather Leggings£785



    Since making the investment five years ago, I’ve never looked back on buying Joseph’s iconic leather leggings. They go with everything, are as comfortable as jeans and look good at any age.



    Dot 15 Denier Tights£18



    Gone are the days when I would sport a bare leg in the freezing cold. Now I’m far more practical than that. I’ve adopted the habit of wearing sheer tights with a tiny polka dot for that little bit of extra interest. Falke does the absolute best pair.



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