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    Top Tips

    • Not just to be saved for events, a headband will elevate your everyday jeans and tee without looking overstyled
    • We love them plush, wide or embellished rather than the thin Alice bands reminiscent of school days
    • When it comes to colour anything goes, from classic black to citrus green. The more of a contrast with your hair colour, the more of a statement you’ll make




    With hair accessories going stratospheric over the past few seasons it was only a matter of time before headbands were back in favour. Now a legitimate accessory that every grown woman should have in her repertoire, we find ourselves reaching for a headband almost as often as a pair of statement earrings when our outfit needs a little boost.


    by Alexandra Dorrell


    Top Tips

    • Headbands are perfect for bad hair days – just spray your hair liberally with dry shampoo, use your headband to tuck your hair off your face and buy yourself another day between washes
    • A great headband can replace a hat for weddings and other events; just avoid anything that could be mistaken for a tiara!
    • To keep the look modern, place the headband a couple of inches from your forehead, keeping your existing parting, using it to loosely tuck the sides of your hair behind your ears

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