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    How to stretch your winter wardrobe

    Discover how to breathe life into your cold-weather dressing without too much effort.


    Now that we’re officially on the home stretch (did January seem like the longest month ever?), the idea of investing in cold-weather gear isn’t so appealing. Of course, neither is the thought of wearing the same old thing from now until mid-March. Our advice: make small tweaks to the way you throw your clothes together (and add some perfectly placed transformers). This way, you hit refresh on your day-to-day look without having to overhaul the contents of your wardrobe.



    Finishing a daytime look with gold accessories is as effortless as it is high impact. The catch: they need to be chunky. So switch out thin hoops and fine-gold jewellery for something more eye-catching. Think cuffs, chunky rings and sculptural earrings. Here’s why it works: it’s a nod to that 70s stye we’re loving this season, while remaining refined.



    It all started on our cover shoot with Elizabeth Saltzman, when the celebrity stylist paired perspex stilettos with black suiting. Now, it feels like the only way to give sharp tailoring a stylish edge. The key here is to choose a classic shape (like a power pump) with perspex panels and a solid base.




    While its practical credentials have never been in doubt, a belt can breathe new life into your winter silhouette when you layer it over your coat. It’s an easy win when you’re tiring of your clothes, but feel like it’s too late in the season for a new coat. Standard leather belts work, but we’re loving thick, all-fabric styles too. 




    We’ve been slowly falling in love with python all winter long at ICONS HQ. Laura in particular has mixed and matched her boots with most of her winter wardrobe, and we’re ready to call it: this iconic print works with everything. So if you haven’t invested in a pair, consider yourself on notice. This print has made the transition from trend to closet essential, instantly adding interest and texture to prints and block-colour ensembles. Even better, it works just as well during the day as after dark.



    This is not a new idea, but it’s one worth mentioning at this time of year. Rather than reinvent your (style) wheel, you’ll be amazed at how simply adding a bright accessory can makeover your staples (and your mood). It’s as simple as adding red pumps to jeans and a grey roll-neck, or throwing a sky-blue bag over your camel coat. What we love most about this easy upgrade is that you don’t need to stray far from your cold-weather comfort zone to re-energise your look.



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