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    We love summer, but while it’s great for the soul, we often find our skin suffers. So with that back-to-work excitement in the air, we wanted to embrace a little self-care. There are some amazing skincare gadgets that promise to bring the benefits of an aesthetician home and turbo-charge your existing skincare regime. Given that we are a little lazy and a lot tired, we couldn’t think of a single reason not to add as much muscle to our at-home routines as possible.


    MZ Skin

    Light-Therapy Facial Treatment Device£385

    If you can ignore the fact you look like a character from a sci-fi movie in it, this MZ Skin light therapy mask gives you a high-tech, at-home facial. I’ve had LED treatments as part of medical facials and found them to be very relaxing, so was excited to try this. The device has five coloured LED settings that promote different benefits: red stimulates collagen, blue helps clear acne, green targets discoloration, yellow lessens redness and white reduces inflammation. I followed Dr Maryam Zamani’s tip of applying my usual Vitamin C serum, then using the red light setting, followed by yellow, for five minutes in the morning, or longer at the weekend (the longest you can program it for is 50 minutes). While it’s early days and I’m yet to see the cumulative benefits of longer-term use, my skin honestly feels rejuvenated already. 



    Rose Quartz Face Roller£40

    I’ve been using a rose-quartz roller as part of my evening routine for a while now, after a facialist I really trust explained the benefits of this age-old technique. Basically, it stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage, helps your skin to absorb products better, and it just feels really nice rolling this cooling stone all over my face. It’s a ritual I’ve come to love. After applying whatever night serum I’m using, I use this roller to apply gentle pressure and roll upwards and outwards all over my face. The larger end is good for forehead and cheeks, while the smaller works on areas like under the eyes.



    Luna 2 Facial Sonic Cleansing Brush£149

    Cleansing is a ritual I love, so the idea of making that step infinitely more effective really appealed. The Foreo Luna 2 sonic cleansing brush is designed to give your face and neck a super deep clean (unclogging pores; removing dirt and oil), while the reverse side reduces wrinkles and fine lines. I smoothed on a creamy cleanser as usual, then massaged it in with the Luna. The whole process only takes a minute, and handily, it buzzes when you need to move it to the next quadrant of your face. I also like that it has a long-lasting battery, and you never have to buy a replacement brush head, as the silicone bristles are bacteria-resistant. The only faff is that you have to download an app onto your phone to make it work, but after that I found the Luna to be an invigorating (yet gentle) new part of my morning routine.



    Medi Lift£415

    I love FaceGym facials – they work well on my sensitive skin, and I feel like I can see results after my treatment – so I was keen to add some of the brand’s skin-firming tech to my at-home routine. The FaceGym Pro is designed to be used twice a week for a minimum of 10 minutes, which I didn’t find too time-consuming, and uses electrical pulses to strengthen your muscles to visibly lift, tone and tighten them. Much like their on-site treatment, it doesn’t hurt – it just sort of feels like your face is buzzing. The feeling might not be for everyone, so I’d get a facial first to see if you like it. I started on the lowest setting and will gradually work up to high, but my skin does feel tighter after using it.



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