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  • Winter Skin Solutions

    Harsh wind, driving rain, the dehydrating effect of central heating; this season is a 360-degree assault on our skin. And as much as we know to protect it from the ravages of the summer sun, we also need to defend it during the big freeze. Here are our top four skincare essentials right now – from overnight treatments that repair and restore to all-over body cell renewal, this kit will look after your skin from now until spring.


    Aurelia London

    Overnight Recovery Mask£58

    The consistency of this intensive moisturising treatment from Aurelia is surprisingly balmy at first, but soon warms in your hands and melts effortlessly into the skin. The combination of lavender, calendula and chamomile essential oils helps you fall into a deep sleep, then when you wake your skin feels nurtured and supple. As a ritual, it’s an incredible winter comforter and would be ideal for post-flying or skiing holidays – or whenever your skin needs a bit of TLC.


    Romilly Wilde

    Light + Energy Serum Cleanser£54

    Over the summer, I always opt for foaming cleansers, because I find them more effective at removing the extra layer of oil that builds up in the heat. But for winter, I need something more moisturising and hydrating. Romilly Wilde’s oil-based serum cleanser effortlessly removes make-up and gives skin a clean feel without that tightness you can get in winter. It also copes really well with dry patches, so you don’t end up with blotches of red across your cheeks.


    REN Clean Skincare

    Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Anti-Fatigue Body Wash£22

    This REN body wash is my new obsession. Initially, it was the anti-fatigue claim that piqued my interest – it has a blend of energising essential oils, with magnesium to soothe muscle soreness. I have a shower every evening before bed, and found the body wash relaxed my entire body, offering a holistic little moment of mindfulness. I’ve also become increasingly aware of the amount of plastic I’m consuming, so was thrilled to see the bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic including 20% reclaimed ocean plastic. 



    Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment£48

    I’d been intrigued to try the Herbivore brand for a while, and using this night treatment is the first time I’ve felt a noticeable difference in the texture of my skin from an overnight product in a long time. The formula, with goji berry and prickly pear enzymes, smells vaguely chemically, but that aside, it’s become one of my post dinner/cocktails essentials, as it de-puffs and smoothes the skin while you sleep. It’s not heavy at all, yet at the same time incredibly nourishing and rehydrating – just what you need at this time of year when your skin needs an extra boost. 



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