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    During uncertain times, the power of beauty is not to be underestimated. Now’s the moment to reach for scents, textures and ingredients that are guaranteed to help us unwind and relax. What’s more, simply the act of taking five minutes out to breathe deeply, still the mind and indulge in a calming ritual holds myriad stress-busting benefits. With many of us under more pressure than usual at the moment, we wanted to share team ICONS’ ultimate stress-relieving beauty products.

    By Laura, Petro, Frankie & Florence
    Laura Loves

    Neom Organics

    Intensive Stress Relief Treatment 5ml£8

    I am someone who is deeply affected by smell (I always travel with a candle or pillow spray) and firmly believe that aromatherapy can calm the psyche. I’ve been using Neom’s pulse-point oil – a blend of 24 essential oils, including lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood – on my wrists, temples and behind my ears to make me feel calm and help me unwind during this tense time. As well as the relaxing scent, the ritual of slowly breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth creates a meditative state.

    Petro Loves

    Batch #001

    Salt & Oil Bath Soak, 560g£38

    I’m finding it especially difficult to switch off at the moment. Trying to balance homeschooling my kids with a full-time job and keeping the house tidy, food on the table and myself sane means I have very little downtime during the day. I find an evening bath the ultimate stress-reliever and am boosting its calming properties with Batch #001 tea tree and lavender bath soak. I love the relaxing scent and find the blend of salts and essential oils both nourishing and energising. It also makes my skin feel hydrated and soft.


    Frankie Loves
    Deep Sleep Pillow Spray£19.50

    In times of stress, sleep is the first thing that gets disrupted for me, so I try really hard to create a bedtime ritual for myself to promote a calm and peaceful night’s rest. I find lavender has a particularly relaxing effect on my mind, so I love This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, which has a gentle lavender scent blended with notes of camomile and vetiver. Come bedtime, I dim the lights, lightly mist my pillow, get into bed and take a few deep breaths before drifting off. 

    Florence Loves


    Self-Heating Eye Masks£15

    I’ve never been good at winding down in the evenings but have found that these self-heating eye masks really help. Combining warmth with a decompressing scent of jasmine, they create a sense of calm like no other product I’ve tried. Fit the loops over your ears and pull down over your eyes, then lie back and relax for 15 minutes, focusing on deep breaths and stilling your mind. They come in a box set of five so also make a great, stress-relieving beauty gift for friends – especially at the moment.



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