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  • Laura’s Work From Home Essentials

    With life suddenly taking an unexpected turn, I have spent time asking myself, what are my new essentials? What are the staples and little luxuries that make me feel comfortable, yet stylish, and bring a smile to my face in this work-from-home era. Much of my off-duty wardrobe is being repurposed for home-office wear, with transformational accessories to lift spirits and add polish. Of course, there’s a desk-brightener or two, plus a few cherished wellness-promoting beauty products…

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    Straight Leg Denim Dungarees£85

    Usually reserved for weekends, I am pairing my denim overalls with turtlenecks and blouses for easy WFH dressing.


    Princetown Shearling-lined Leather Loafers£810

    I have been wearing these so much recently; they’re like elevated slippers and make me feel instantly pulled together. 


    N°5 L’EAU On Hand Cream£52

    With all the extra handwashing, my hands and nails are starting to suffer, so I’m relying on this luxurious cream to keep them nourished. Plus, the scent is a real pick-me-up. 

    Whatever is going on in the world, the Breton remains a multi-tasking wardrobe staple that can be relied upon. 

    I am reaching for a lot of headbands to give me instant polish for those Google Hangout meetings. 

    Tom Ford

    Métallique Eau De Parfum, 50ml£98

    Just the action of putting a spritz of perfume on every morning makes me feel better. I have worn this scent for years and love the notes of white blossom and heliotrope.

    I’ve always loved having a diary, but I’m finding the act of putting pen to paper and ticking off my daily to-do lists especially comforting right now.


    Ashton Caned Teak Accent Chair£548

    Every morning I burn a stick of palo santo to clear the air and bring a sense of positivity into the house. 

    Although I’m not as motivated to wear make-up at the moment, I still want to look presentable, so I’m adding a sweep of this to my complexion to give me a healthy-looking flush. 

    I am suddenly very interested in finding stylish slippers and adding these to my wish list. 


    Raglan-Sleeve Cashmere Roll-Neck Jumper£175

    Knitted co-ords are an effortless way to stay comfy yet stylish. The tapered leg on Arket’s set is particularly versatile, pairing with myriad shoe styles. 

    Bridie Hall

    Brush Pots£40

    I treasure my Bridie Hall pen pots – they add a splash of colour to my home office and never fail to bring a smile to my face. 

    I love Matilda Goad’s designs and have added this woven lamp to my at-home desk. 


    Nazanin Kamali Celine Desk£645

    My slimline desk is the perfect size to house WFH essentials, and can double up as a dressing table. 

    Mixing comfort with style, my velvet desk chair helps make long hours feel that little bit chicer. 

    de Mamiel

    Altitude Oil£46

    This used to sit on my desk in the office and now lives on my desk at home. Sprinkle a few drops on to a tissue and deeply inhale to calm the mind and focus thoughts. 


    Zippy Ruffle-neck Broderie-anglaise Blouse£168

    Statement tops have become my go-to for conference call chic. I’ll repurpose this with tailored shorts in the summer. 

    A jumpsuit is the ultimate one-step dressing solution for those busy mornings when I’m juggling work and kids. 


    Silver Arizona£75

    My indoor-out Birkenstocks are currently on heavy rotation and I love this versatile silver hue. 



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