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  • Beauty Cupboard Storage

    It’s a truth universally recognised that keeping beauty cabinets in order is easier said than done; numerous, brushes, palettes and bottles can easily get messy. However, with the right storage solutions, an organised kit is within reach. Not only will it look better, it will help you get much more enjoyment and use out of your beloved products.

    By Petro


    Acrylic 3 Drawer Unit£24.95

    Clear boxes are a great idea when storing beauty products as they allow you to easily see everything – and if you see it, you’re more likely to use it. For pots and palettes, we use iDesign’s plastic storage chest, which is divided into three practically sized draws. This version, from Muji, is also great. If you need more storage, buy multiples and stack or line them up together. Not only does it keep products orderly, it stops dust gathering on them, too. 


    Bricks Plastic Storage Box£15

    The secret to a tidy space is to keep items contained. Sort tubs, tubes and bottles into categories (such as face, body and hair) then keep them neatly grouped in transparent plastic storage bricks from Like-It. These are easily stackable and come in multiple sizes and configurations, meaning you can build them up to create your own bespoke storage system. Simply fill, then slot into shelving. 

    Bridie Hall

    Brush Pot£40

    While we love practical storage, we also think there’s room to have a decorative touch, especially on dressing tables or open shelving. Both Laura and Petro love and own Bridie Hall’s stylish coloured lacquer pen pots for this very reason. They are the perfect depth for storing make-up brushes, eyeliners, lip pencils and even nail files. 

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