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  • Laura’s Wardrobe Organisation Tips

    If someone were to ask me what my Mastermind subject would be, I’d have to say wardrobe organisation. I love nothing more than a well-maintained closet and am somewhat of an expert in achieving it. 

    By Laura

    With many of us using our at-home time to sort out our collections, I thought now would be the perfect moment to share my wardrobe-storage tips and tricks. Whether your dressing space is small or large, these useful and easy pointers are guaranteed to get every wardrobe in check and will ensure that your treasured possessions are kept in pristine condition. 



    “These folding boards are my secret weapon when it comes to storing tops. Simply fold T-shirts into neat squares, then stack on shelves no more than five or six high. When not in use, keep the boards hung in your wardrobe.”



    “My top tip for shirts and blouses is to use space-saving hangers; you can fit four times as many of these on a rail than regular wooden versions. My favourites are non-slip felt styles that work for even the silkiest pieces.”



    “The secret to good jumper storage is to categorise. Sort your styles into colour groups, then subdivide into neckline shapes, and pile into low stacks of four. This method will mean you can reach for the knitwear you need easily.” 



    “Jeans are heavy rotation pieces, so it makes sense to store them within easy reach. Sort into wash and cut categories, then stack on open shelving. I keep mine near outfit-adjacent pieces such as T-shirts and knits.”



    “When it comes to skirts, the right hangers are essential. Reach for slimline versions with adjustable clasps at either end that can be clipped on to the waistband. Organise in length – mini, midi and maxi.” 



    “The trick to sorting hosiery is to do so in a shallow drawer so that you can see everything. Tuck pairs of socks neatly together and place in one half, leaving the other half for tights. Organise tights into denier thickness and, where possible, keep in their packets to stop snagging.” 



    “The right underpinnings are essential to any outfit, so it’s important to keep lingerie in order. As these are small items, drawer dividers are useful to keep things organised. Divide into bras, briefs and camisoles, then split into type, e.g. full-cup, balconette, plunge, strapless. Keep a scented silk pouch tucked inside your drawer for a special touch.” 



    “One of the best shoe-storage tips I’ve ever received is from ICONS editor-at-large and good friend, Deborah Brett, who turned her skirting boards into shallow drawers for flat shoes. Not only does this utilise otherwise redundant space, it means flats are easy to see and within quick reach.” 



    “I store my heeled shoes in two ways. The first by keeping them neatly stacked on shelves in shoe boxes, with a photograph stuck to the outside so I know what each box contains. The second by lining them up in colour order on tilted shelves. I do this for the extra-special styles that I just love to look at.” 



    “As beach bags are an occasional accessory, it pays to keep them stored safely out of the way. Stuff baskets and totes with acid-free tissue paper to help them keep their shape, then pack on to a high shelf, ready to be taken down when holiday time calls.” 



    “I need to build my outfits quickly in the morning, so I like to keep bags in my closet, within easy reach. Avoid dust and sun-fading by storing styles in their original cloth bags. Tie an apparel tag with a photograph of the style on to each dust bag, to remind you what’s inside.” 



    “Sunglasses are year-round pieces, so it’s important to have them within reach. The best way to store them is laid out in a shallow drawer, keeping them in their original cases to protect delicate frames.”  



    “I’m a big believer in the more you see, the more you wear, so I like to keep jewellery within easy view. I rely on stackers, which can be slipped inside a shallow drawer in a dressing table. Organise trinkets into categories and keep in different compartments.”



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