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  • The New Back-To-Work Heroes

    As the holiday season draws to a close, we’ve switched our focus to getting enthused and motivated for the working weeks ahead. Sartorially speaking, this usually means taking stock of our office-appropriate collections and adding refreshers and updates where needed. However, this year, things are a little different.

    Words By Frankie

    With some of us working from home, some from the office and others somewhere in-between, the question we’re asking ourselves is: “What does work wear mean now?” We believe that it must be more versatile than ever, yet still deliver on style-factor and polish. Empowering pieces that evoke professionalism, yet remain comfortable and can be respun for indoors and out, are the order of the day. It’s a big ask, so we invited team ICONS to offer some inspiration by sharing the back-to-work heroes they’re relying on this season. 


    Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer




    “There’s something about a jacket that makes me feel instantly polished and ready for a day’s work, so it’s a go-to no matter where I’m working from. During the transeasonal months, I’ll reach for a lightweight linen jacket, which I’ll layer over a luxe T-shirt and pair with silk or linen trousers. As the temperatures drop, switch to a heavier fabric such as velvet or wool. Make sure to opt for a fit that allows plenty of movement around the arms, but still hangs well.”



    Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer




    “Even when I’m working from home, I think about my outfit every day and always make sure I am wearing something polished. But, when it comes to make-up, I tend to take a more minimal approach; BB cream, a touch of mascara, and I’m set. However, when I’m on a video call, I’ll reach for a red lipstick to give my complexion an instant lift. I rotate between orange-toned hues and bright pillar-box shades, which I’ll dab on with a finger for a soft bitten look.”



    Commercial Director




    “My typical working day involves a lot of meetings over Zoom, so I am currently relying on accessories that enhance my waist-up look. Luxe embellished headbands have become a staple; they make me feel instantly polished and add interest to an outfit if I’m wearing a plain T-shirt or blouse. If I’ve got an important meeting and want extra impact, I’ll also add a pair of statement earrings.”







    “Statement earrings are a key part of my back-to-work wardrobe because they have the ability to transform any outfit and are an easy way to make an impact when working via Zoom. Hoops are my go-to as they are timeless and transcend seasons, so can be worn all year round. I’m a fan of gold iterations and love that they can have a classic, boho or city vibe to suit whichever look I’ve gone for. Choose lightweight styles that can be worn all day without hurting your ears.”



    Features Editor


    THE 9-5 DRESS


    “I’m glued to my desk during the week, so comfort is a big factor for me – whatever I wear has to look and feel as good at 9am as it does at 6pm. Dresses have become my go-to, particularly mid-length styles in crease-free cotton and with detailing around the neckline for video calls. A relaxed silhouette allows easy movement, especially as I’m currently pregnant, so need to accommodate an ever-expanding waistline. When the working day is done, I’ll add low heels and lipstick for a local dinner.”



    Content Consultant




    “I immediately feel more professional when wearing a classic white shirt. I’ll roll up the sleeves when I sit at my desk and it puts me in the right mood to focus on the task in hand. Also, the crispness of it means my children don’t come anywhere near me for fear of leaving dirty fingerprints, which means I can dedicate my time solely to my work. Lastly, as Zoom calls don’t pick up dark skin very well, a bright white collar acts as a reflector for my face, illuminating the overall image.”


    Fashion & Merchandising Assistant




    “Pretty blouses have long been a staple in my wardrobe, but recently I have been relying on them even more to form the basis of my WFH wardrobe. I love luxe bohemian silhouettes with statement sleeves and collars, which translate well over the myriad Zoom calls I do and make me feel pulled-together even when I’m wearing jeans. Cotton styles work well during the warmer weather and can be layered up with knits as we move into autumn.”



    Acting Digital Editorial Assistant




    “Statement glasses are my go-to accessory for day-to-day work wear as they make me feel pulled together with minimal effort. I’ve cultivated quite the collection, but this season I’ll be wearing a gold and pink style, which delivers on impact yet is versatile enough to wear with a low-key look when I’m working from home or a tailored two-piece when I’m back in the office.”