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  • Matilda Goad’s Easy Home Updates

    We have long been fans of Matilda Goad’s homeware; the creative consultant and designer excels in playful accessories that bring both joy and sophistication to a space. Her own home (which she recently renovated) is a lesson in the clever use of colour and clashing textures in a harmonious way – it has even inspired Laura to add a more adventurous streak to her interiors! If you’re just as big of a fan as us and want to tap into Matilda’s aesthetic, take a look at these 13 easy updates.

    By Matilda Goad

    Matilda Goad

    Trellis Planter, Coral Red£65

    “We have added a new cut-out design to our planters collection this autumn; it comes in four colourways with interchangeable coloured liners, so you can swap then up according to what’s inside!”


    Brass Wall Sconce – Single Candle£46

    “Brass pieces really pop on a wall. I’d love this hanging among paintings or perhaps by my bath.”

    Julian Chichester

    Pirelli MirrorPrice on request

    “I’m always on the lookout for a good mirror; they can totally transform a space. This simple design would work in any room.”


    Wes Patchwork Quilt – Mustard£295

    “I like to almost dress my home up as the darker days set in and add extra layers to my bed. These quilts are so charming, and I’d use them outside in the warmer months.” 

    Kaneko Kohyo

    Rinka Plate 14cm£35

    “I first came across this brand in New York and lovingly carried some plates back home in my hand luggage. I find the 14cm plates are the most versatile, and I have my morning coffee in a glass on this.”


    Kids Naga Bean Bag£80

    “A really lovely brand with tasteful kids furniture.”


    Lustigkurre Basket£27

    “I’m always in need of more storage and find big baskets serve so well for grouping together and hiding mess (and kids’ toys)!”


    Afroart Cushion Cover£49

    “I’ve been eyeing up these striped cushions that I think would bring a dull sofa to life.”


    Edit1: Handwoven Rush Rug£100

    “Rush runners are such a useful way to update a room and, handily, you can cut these down to make them adjust to an awkward-shaped space.”

    Minnie-Mae Stott Studio

    Column Of Strength Candle Holder & ESH Candle£45

    “I have just bought some of these charming ceramic pillar candleholders for my table. I love them with our bright-green beeswax candles.”

    Labour And Wait

    Enamel Bread Bin£85

    “It’s amazing how much a lovely bread bin can distract from other not-so-pretty areas in the kitchen.” 


    Brass Bow Handle£45

    “I just adore these and recently added them to a cabinet at home.”


    Cast Iron Firebowl£175

    “Never has there been more of a time to make outside more inviting, and this will get much use.”



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