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    Ed’s Letter

    The entertainment issue is the one I look forward to the most…

    I love getting ready for Christmas, and in spite of the odd conditions this year, last night, as I was stringing up fairy lights, I felt that little ripple of excitement. True, it might have partly been the vino, but it was mostly the twinkling lights. 

    When we sat down to plan this issue, we knew there was just one person who would provide the perfect inspiration for dressing up to stay in: our good friend Skye McAlpine. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t the teeniest bit excited to get a tour of her new home, too. Skye is half British and half Italian, and the way she blends the Italian lifestyle with opulent British style is something to behold. There is a story and meaning behind every piece she owns.

    Skye really is the ultimate modern entertainer, because while she prepares the most delicious food, she also considers details such as a welcoming tablescape and (be still, our beating heart!) the dress. As I’ve been poring over her latest book, A Table For Friends, I also begged her for a Wardrobe ICONS meal planner. Her recipes always boost our confidence in the kitchen because she writes them in such a way that you are truly able to create something delicious and special without tearing your hair out. 

    Now on to the question of how to dress for Christmas. And while the answer really comes down to how you’re feeling, I honestly find that when I do make an effort, it lifts my spirits. So, if that sounds like you, we’ve got you covered with stylish options for every comfort level. From a Style Sheet detailing outfits for all the celebration dates through Laura and I showing you eight easy ways to dress up this season to (of course) festive knits for everyone.  

    And if you haven’t signed up for our 12 Days of Christmas advent calendar, you’re not too late! Starting today, there are 12 days’ worth of giveaways, discounts and prizes, so don’t miss out on your chance to have a merry ICONS Christmas.

    From our home to yours, we hope these pages offer you the inspiration and merriment you need to get into the festive spirit and approach the holidays with excitement! And remember, when in doubt, put a bow on it (and enjoy a glass of vino…). 


    Petro (and Laura) xx

    Three things we'll be wearing this festive season…



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