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  • What To Wear On Christmas Day

    There’s a lot we can’t control as 2020 draws to a close, but one thing we can all do is hold on to the Christmas Day rituals that we cherish. For us, dressing in something special that we’ve spent time planning brings so much joy. If you’re on the fence, we urge you to embrace the tradition this year. After a slow morning in pyjamas and cashmere, watching small people eagerly tear the paper off their presents, and then several hours in and out of the kitchen preparing the feast, getting changed into a beautiful dress or luxurious jumpsuit signals the beginning of the time we treasure the most – Champagne, crackers, paper hats and indulging with our loved ones. And, this year, there’s more reason than ever to get out the frills, sparkles, heels and bows.

    Words by Brooke Le Poer Trench
    Photographs by Eva K Salvi



    “This relatively simple black maxi is elevated by gathered sleeves in polka-dot tulle, which make it so special. This season, mine your wardrobe for those classic LBDs that make easy work of getting dressed. It is what I reach for when I want maximum impact with minimum effort. Pair with flats and a statement mani.”


    — Laura 




    “Staying home usually means comfort first, and the beauty of a cashmere jumpsuit is that there is no need to compromise on that philosophy. Simply add statement shoes and gold accessories. For me, that includes the Valentino logo belt I bought as a treat for myself this time last year. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.”


    — Petro 



    “Bold accessories have always been my go-to for adding instant polish to pared-back pieces. For a playful take on the festive theme, I’ll be wearing bauble earrings and a divine heart-shaped knuckleduster. The beauty of adopting a more-is-more approach is that even if you’re in a T-shirt and jeans, you’ll still sparkle – inside and out!”


    — Petro



    “The ultimate holiday shoe this season is a pair of embellished flats, as they’ll lift anything you wear and you’ll still feel super comfortable. The Manolo Blahnik Hangisi satin flats are beautiful and so utterly iconic, you’ll love them forever. The only possible way to improve on them? Pair them with polka-dot tights!”


    — Laura 




    “Throwing on a jewel-toned dress, like this gorgeous number from Batsheva, is my most reliable mood-boosting strategy. And it’s one I’m employing more than ever as we approach this new kind of Christmas. Stepping into a bright dress never fails to lift my spirits and it will do the same for you, too. So let’s have fun and make the day feel a little magical!”


    — Laura



    “If you only do one thing, add a velvet bow to your hair. Regular readers will know that I am a little obsessed with the humble bow – it’s a small touch that goes a long way. This gorgeous clip is from our exclusive collection with Future ICONS brand Marzoline. It comes in the prettiest midnight blue, classic black and rich burgundy, and any one of them is a beautiful touch.”


    — Laura




    “When it comes to adding glamour to a holiday look, swiping on a matte, red lip is the finishing festive touch that makes all the difference. In my book, the bolder the better. When you catch your reflection, the pop of colour is an instant mood boost and makes you feel dressed up… even if you’re not.”


    — Petro




    “I’ve set myself a silly festive challenge, and it makes me so happy that I thought I would share it. It’s to pull out dresses that I cherish, but haven’t had the opportunity to wear this year – including this gorgeous frock that my husband gave me for my birthday – and to wear them around the house with bare feet between now and New Year’s. Will I look a little over the top? Maybe. Will I love every minute of it? Absolutely. This is the perfect moment to truly enjoy the treasures you own.”


    — Laura



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