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  • Ed’s Letter

    When it comes to the sales, we’ve been even more strategic than usual this year…

    …Monitoring the investment pieces we have loved, and eagerly awaiting the end of the year when the sales bring them within our grasp. We’ve also been looking for those special pieces that you may want in your life, like a warm, earthy knit or feel-good berry jumpsuit. 

    And because this season feels like the perfect time to just go with how you feel, we’ve curated our edit by colour. It’s the ultimate mood booster! So, when you scroll, ask yourself: what do I feel drawn to? What do I want to wear right now? What feels good? This is how you’ll find those updates that really will enhance your wardrobe and bring a little excitement to the holidays. 

    And on that note of being kind and gentle with ourselves, Petro and I, alongside everyone in the ICONS team, have decided to sign off for a few weeks. We want to power-down our laptops, lose our phones under piles of wrapping paper, and focus on the family and friends we can see. And, of course, raise a glass (or three) to those we can’t. And we hope you will, too. 

    The next time you’ll hear from us will be on 5th January, with a fresh new issue of The ICONS Update, filled with lots of ideas to start the year with good intentions. And despite knowing that a new year won’t change the world we’re living in, we are ready to embrace whatever the future brings. We’re going to brainstorm ideas, get excited about new initiatives, think of ways we can reach out to more of our creative community, and bring you inspiring ideas about how to style what you already have – and find what you don’t.  

    Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. We can’t wait to do it all again (kind of) next year. Now, roll on 2021!

    Laura, Petro and the ICONS team xxx

    Going, Going, Gone!

    You can't go wrong with these three sales buys – get them before we do!

    • 1

      We are always on the hunt for a good stacked-heel, knee-high boot – this pair is a rare gem.

    • 2

      Have you ever seen anything prettier? No, we didn’t think so.

    • 3

      A belted coat is high on our sales-investment checklist. This is the burgundy version of the one that Laura is wearing in the ed’s-letter pic.



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