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  • January Blues Busters

    Once the frivolity and feasting has passed, January can seem a little gloomy, even without a lockdown thrown into the mix. For us, the trick is committing to simple rituals and habits that help us feel more relaxed and positive. Here are four tried-and-tested methods for beating the blues.  

    By Laura & Petro


    Soul – The Joyful One£55

    I love candles and buy them throughout the year. I also love discovering new brands, especially those that are all-natural; you might not have considered it, but it’s important to burn something clean. Hand on heart, this is one of the best candles I have tried – and I can tell you that I’ve been lighting up a lot! Called ‘The Joyful One’, it comes in a box with the fitting words ‘Elevate your mood’, and has an intense neroli and orange blossom scent, which really does bring joy when I smell it in the air. I light it when I do online yoga in the evening, something I’ll definitely need to do for the whole of January.


    Neom Organics

    Wellbeing Pod & Oils£150

    For me, so much about feeling good and beating the blues is in the intention I give to staying positive. One of my rituals since last year’s first lockdown has been to use an essential oil diffuser that fills the air with mood-enhancing scents. I’ve added lots of blends to my collection and have even learned to mix my own. I love Neom’s ‘Scent To De-Stress’ for daytime and ‘Scent To Sleep’ when I’m winding down for bed. I really believe in the power of essential oils, but I would also add that even the act of putting it on makes me feel like I’m making a conscious choice to feel better… and so I often do.


    Antonia Burrell

    And Breathe Air Cleansing Room Spray£18

    This air-cleansing room spray is something I bought a few months ago, and it’s become a true ritual for me. It has therapeutic-grade plant oils and extracts that create a fresh and uplifting scent, so I tend to spritz my work space or living room if I’m starting to feel a bit flat or tired. I think it’s a mixture of the action and the scent that gives my mood a much-needed lift and just makes the space feel different, which matters when you’re at home for work, play and everything in-between.


    Seed to Skin

    The Retreat Bath Salts£71

    Very few things bring me more comfort in the depths of January than a long soak. And my favourite bath salts to add, to make it feel like a proper escape, are Seed To Skin’s ‘The Retreat’ blend. Packed with raw Sicilian sea salt and marine algae, and scented with sandalwood, neroli and wild rose, it never fails to make me feel seriously calm. My skin can be overly sensitive at the best of times, but the vitamins and essential fatty acids in this leave it feeling really soft.



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