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  • PS with Priya Downes

    Ed’s Letter

    Happy New Year! While another national lockdown is not the start we had in mind…

    …We know we can do this, because we’ve done it before. We have the tools and a wonderful community from which we can all draw support. With that in mind, we hope this, our first issue of the year, brings you some comfort and a few valuable moments of distraction.

    While it has become something of a tradition to embark on a detox in January, we’ve never really subscribed to that at Wardrobe ICONS – especially this year, at a time when we all need to go easy on ourselves. Instead, we think of it as the perfect opportunity to take stock of the basics – to rethink your wardrobe and home from the bottom up and hit refresh on those things that can really make a difference, such as, say, a great pair of knickers… 

    Cue our cover star, Priya Downes, who had a career in luxury fashion (with the likes of Chanel and Burberry) before deciding there was a gap in the underwear market. She wanted simple but beautifully made lingerie that was wearable, available in a diverse range of shades, and more affordable than anything she was able to find. She also wanted the whole experience of buying new pieces to take place online – and so Nudea was born. While her brand is great source of inspiration for our lingerie drawers, her walk-in wardrobe is one of the finest we have seen. She gives us a tour on page 2.  

    Among the other essentials that we think make a big difference at the start of a new year are cold-weather boots. We all need to be nature-bathing (aka stomping through the woods) as often as possible right now, so we have the ultimate edit of keep-forever footwear for the great outdoors. With wellbeing in mind, Laura has turned her attention to stylish updates for the room we have all relied on to help us reset over the last few months – the bathroom. Find great ideas for adding blush colours, stylish storage and gorgeous linens in her handpicked edit

    In other parts of the house, I finally tackled my pantry over the break, and discovered lots of easy ways to re-order the most chaotic cupboard in most of our homes. Meanwhile, our fittest ICONS editor decided to hit refresh on her workout wear (it’s scientifically proven, we think, to increase motivation). Check out DB’s new-year edit of exercise gear that is both stylish and high-performing.

    Finally, this can be a tough month at the best of times, so  Laura and I bring you the beauty must-haves we both rely on to shoo those January blues away. As well as an exclusive discount with Nudea for 20% off, so even your underwear drawer can get a fresh start. To use, just add ICONS20 at checkout.

    We hope you enjoy the issue!

    Love Petro (and Laura) x

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